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CHASING F1 Fish Finder

CHASING F1 Fish Finder

Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera Drone

CHASING F1 is a high-tech digital wireless fish finder drone designed for all types of fishing that is controlled by a wireless smart device (or along with the optional remote controller).  F1 provides intelligent information about the underwater terrain, surroundings, other objects underneath, the location of fish masses, and the position of fish in the water.  It has 4 Vectored Thrusters which allows for movement in all horizontal directions, and a 1080P Full HD Camera with Infrared Light that can be lowered to a maximum depth of 28 meters (91ft).  F1 has multiple GPS functions, a swappable 4800mAh battery that allows up to 6 hours runtime, removable Micro SD Memory Card, and can mount accessories such as spherical sonars and a bait boat.  Through the CHASING F1 App, users can upload and broadcast photos and videos to live streaming and social media platforms.

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