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UPGRADED Industrial Underwater Drone

CHASING M2 PRO is an upgraded version of the CHASING M2 light industrial underwater ROV (remotely-operated vehicle) that is designed for professional users and industrial applications. The M2 PRO has 8 Vectored Thrusters which allows for omni-directional movement. Compared to the CHASING M2, the M2 PRO has an upgraded motor that allows for a maximum speed of 4 knots, dive depth up to 150 meters (490ft) and a horizontal radius up to 400 meters (1300ft). The default 300WH high-capacity lithium battery allows for up to 4 hours runtime, and its Anti-Stuck Motor technology along with its upgraded motor further reduces the chances of the drone getting stuck in the sand. In addition to supporting multiple sophisticated attachments such as the Chasing Distance Lock Sonar, Grabber Claw or Arm, LED Video Light, and Laser Scaler, the M2 PRO also supports an AC and battery hybrid power supply to achieve unlimited battery life. The M2 PRO is also compatible with the Chasing Control Console (with high-brightness screen), Docking Station, USBL Underwater Positioning, Multibeam Sonar, Auxiliary Camera and other M2 PRO exclusive enhanced accessories. It has built-in a 4K UHD EIS image stabilization camera, dimmable 4000 lumen LED lighting, swappable battery, and a removable Micro SD memory card.  The CHASING M2 PRO App's user-friendly interaction includes multiple device viewing, live broadcast, social media sharing, and HDMI output. The compact aluminum alloy body weighs less than 6kg (13lbs) and may be operated with the optional Chasing Reel or E-Reel cable winder. Like the M2 design, the CHASING M2 PRO is lightweight and portable, which allows for quick single-person deployment and operation.

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