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Industrial-Grade Underwater Drone

CHASING M2 PRO MAX is an extensively upgraded version of the CHASING M2 PRO industrial underwater ROV (remotely-operated vehicle) that is designed for government and enterprise users.  It adopts a new generation of accessory mounting method, quick assembly/disassembly technology, external floodlighting, and a shore-based power supply system to provide easier-to-use, more professional, and more reliable underwater solutions for various industrial applications.  The M2 PRO MAX has 8-Vectored Thrusters which allows for omni-directional movement.  It can dive up to 200 meters (656ft) with a maximum horizontal radius of 400 meters (1312ft).  The Chasing C-Motor 2.0 technology and design increases power by 30% and improves its anti-stuck performance.  The default 300WH high-capacity lithium battery allows for up to 4 hours runtime.  Integrated into the drone is a 5-port docking station that allows up to five accessories to be mounted at the same time using the slide-in mounting platform and support rod.  The M2 PRO MAX supports multiple multiple attachments including the Chasing Grabber Claw or Arm and USBL Underwater Positioning, and is compatible with the Chasing Adapter Box and Control Console.  The M2 PRO MAX has two dimmable 4000-lumen (8000 total) external floodlights that can work folded or unfolded and illuminate every detail.  The Chasing Shore-Based Power Supply System (C-SPSS) adopts a battery compartment design and ensures the drone can work 24/7 at full power without an outage.  It has built-in a 4K+EIS Image Stabilization camera and a removable 128G Micro SD memory card.  The M2 PRO MAX weighs approximately 8kg (18lbs) and may easily be deployed and operated single-handedly.

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