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CHASING Remote Controller 3B

CHASING Remote Controller 3B

Applicable to: CHASING F1 Fish Finder

CHASING Remote Controller 3B is a dedicated remote controller designed specifically for CHASING F1 fish-finder drones and is used to control the direction of the drone, automatic reel, picture-taking, video recording, lighting, and other operations.  It is designed to connect to a mobile device or tablet through Wi-Fi or a data adapter cable.  Switching from Wi-Fi mode to Wi-Fi 5G can increase the communication distance between the drone and the Remote Controller up to 100 meters (330ft).  Built-in is a 2500mAh battery which allows for up to 6 hours runtime.  CHASING Remote Controller 3B supports HDMI 1080P HD video output and can synchronize captured screens of the drone with TV and other large-screen devices.

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