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Portable & Easy-to-Use Underwater Drone!

GLADIUS MINI S is a reliable consumer-grade drone that can be used for underwater creative photography, diving explorations, and safety inspections.  Its Anti-Stuck Motor technology reduces the chances of getting stuck in the sand and allows it to work in all kinds of complicated underwater environments.  GLADIUS MINI S is equipped with two 4800mAh batteries which allows for a runtime of up to 4 hours.  It has a maximum speed of 4 knots with a dive depth up to 100 meters (330ft) and a horizontal radius up to 200 meters (660ft).  GLADIUS MINI S supports mounts such as the Grabber Claw and sports cameras.  It has built-in a 4K UHD EIS image stabilization camera, dimmable 2400 lumen LED lighting, and a removable 64GB Micro SD memory card.  Through the GLADIUS MINI S App, its user-friendly interaction supports multiple device viewing, live broadcast, social media sharing and HDMI output.  Its compact aluminum alloy body weighs 2.7kg (6lbs) and may be operated using the optional CHASING Reel or E-Reel cable winder.  GLADIUS MINI S has a streamlined body design, is small and lightweight, and fits easily in a backpack.

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