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Small. Stable. Seriously Adventurous Mini-Drone!

GLADIUS MINI is the world's 1st intelligent 5-thruster underwater (mini-size) drone.  It can move fluidly in all directions at speeds up to 4 knots, has a dive depth up to 100 meters (330ft), and a runtime up to 2 hours on a fully charged battery.  GLADIUS MINI can maintain a +/- 45 degree angle in Tilt-Lock Mode and a desired depth in Depth Lock Mode.  Built-in is a 4K Ultra HD Camera, dimmable 2400-lumen lighting, and 64G SD card storage.  GLADIUS MINI supports Virtual Reality equipment and allows live media to be viewed on up to 3 wireless devices, plus big screen TV/monitor with HDMI port.  Through the GLADIUS MINI App, users can share their underwater discoveries and explorations with one-touch posting to live streaming and social media platforms.

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